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Don't leave your satellite system installation to chance!

Letting an online retailer or big-box store handle your installation is like tossing a coin and hoping for the best.  Shane's Home Technology has over 20 years experience installing Dish Network and DirecTV systems.  Our trained professionals will FIRST work together with you to find the best service and package to fit your needs, THEN we will work together with you to make certain your satellite system installation is not only professionally installed, but also aesthetically pleasing!  Learn More

Don’t leave your installation to chance!

If new cable runs are necessary, Shane’s Home Technology will work to insure your services are installed with the least amount of exposed wires on your new or existing home. We also offer a variety of custom installation services to conceal wires inside walls and in the attic and/or crawl space when existing wires are not where you need them.  Learn More


Beautiful music is playing in every room, but where are the speakers?

Out of sight where they should be! 

Shane’s Home Technology specializes in hiding wires and speakers in the walls making the installation of a distributed audio system LOOK as beautiful as the music SOUNDS.

Imagine listening to your iPad in the Master Bedroom while the kids listen to Pandora in the Family Room all from speakers hidden in the ceiling and controlled from an attractive in-wall keypad. Later that evening you treat your guests to a barbeque on the back patio with your “PARTY” playlist playing from the outdoor speakers!  Now, imagine controlling the music from your mobile device! 

Shane’s Home Technology can make it happen!  Call today for a FREE in-home consultation.  Learn More


Peace of Mind.

It seems hard to come by in today’s day and age.  A home should be a place of comfort and security to enjoy and rest.  But every day the news tells us of another home invasion, another robbery, or another innocent child being abducted. 

That’s why Shane’s Home Technology has partnered with Vanguard Fire and Security to bring you they very best monitored home security systems at the most affordable price.

Imagine how much better you will feel at work knowing you will receive a text message from your security system when your children arrive safely at home.  Imagine how much better you will sleep at night knowing your security system is monitoring your home to keep you safe from intruders.  Imagine the peace of mind knowing the fire department will be dispatched if a fire breaks out in your home while you are away on vacation or asleep.  Now, imagine you can have all of this peace of mind for only $15 per month.  You can! 

Call Shane’s Home Technology today for a FREE in-home security consultation.  Learn More


Need a flat panel TV installation in Twin Falls? 

How about a surround sound system with the wires hidden inside the walls? No problem! Shane’s Home Technology specializes in the custom installation of audio-visual equipment in Twin Falls and the surrounding area. If you are moving to and from homes within the Magic Valley, we will even pick up your existing home electronics and install them at your new location so they are ready to use when you move in.
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Go BIG, and Go Home!

If you are a true movie lover, then your new home won’t be complete without a Home Theater!  Transform nearly any room into a movie-lover’s dream with the experts at Shane’s Home Technology. Imagine watching your favorite movies on your 160 inch projection screen with awe-inspiring clarity from your high-definition projector and being fully immersed in the experience with the earth-shaking sound from your 7.1 digital surround sound system—all in the comfort of your own home! Now imagine controlling it all with your smart phone or tablet!  Oh yeah, we can make that happen!  Learn More